Resource Outsourcing

DPS is capable of accommodating the needs of a small firm or a large multinational company by providing a single resource to assist the IT department, or by providing a whole host of resources to run the entire IT department.

Whether your application is a licensed product from IBM, Oracle, SAP or others, or is an indigenously developed software in JAVA, .NET, FORMS or other environments, we can provide the right resources and the right team to manage your problem.

DPS has a large pool of developers and programmers with a wide range of expertise, making it possible for us to meet the varied needs of our clients. Whether you need a .Net developer, an expert of Share Point, a JAVA developer, or just a DBA or system Administrator, we can satisfy your requirement from within our enriched human capital reserve.

DPS can provide you with a remote staff that can work according to your hours. These employees can easily be reached, should the need arise, through teleconferencing or video conferencing via Skype. Online verification of attendance is possible if required.

DPS currently adopts an agile methodology, which ensures rapid development. Digital Processing Systems will take all the necessary measures to run your operations smoothly, leaving you to focus solely on the achievement of deliverables.