Campus Management System

In this data driven age, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of information coming our way. Struggling to cope with this is a challenge faced by every industry, including the education industry. By consolidating and organizing this raw data, Campus Management Systems proactively engage your students, helping them get the most out of their time spent at your institution.

We at Digital Processing Systems have seen first-hand how the educational institutions we have as clients in the United States went from wasting countless hours and resources on outdated and static policies to becoming information driven powerhouses with efficient, streamlined processes. We now bring you the benefits of Campus Management Software in the hopes of revolutionizing the educational experience in the United Arab Emirates.

At the core of Campus Management lies Student Relationship Management (SRM). SRMs aim provide your institution with a holistic view of each student by bringing together elements of data from every department, such as enrollment, finance, accommodation, etc. It does this at every stage of the student lifecycle, from pre-enrollment to post-graduation.

A number of portals are also provided by our system through which different stakeholders can access information being organized by the SRM. The types of portals included in our software are listed here, along with a short description of each:

  Application Portal - Allows the student to apply online for both admissions and financial aid. The information gathered here will then be used across the system, ensuring data integrity and saving data entry time.

  Student Portal - Contains every piece of information a student could possibly need at school. Students can use the portal to view academic progress, GPA, assignments, attendance, payments made, enroll in courses, and much more.

  Faculty Portal - Provides an interface through which faculty can manage their different courses. It allows instructors to communicate with students, upload assignments, attendance, student grading, etc.

  Parent Portal - Allows parents to fill out and electronically sign dependent and financial forms. Parents can also use the portal to make payments and view the academic progress of their child

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